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Mediterranean Estate in Beverly Hills

On several acres of Beverly Hills hillside property with commanding continuous views over Los Angeles from downtown to the ocean beyond, this project was a combination of a historical renovation and expansion of the Main House, while also the creation of functionally specific outbuildings and spaces. Originally owned as a hilltop small courtyard Mediterranean hacienda by one of the most prominent actors in the "Golden Age of Hollywood", the property was then later purchased and expanded upon by another prominent Hollywood director and producer. Upon more recent acquisition, our client expanded the acreage again and asked us to substantially remodel and expand the existing residence, while also redesigning the entire site and creating additional outbuildings including a Studio Space, Sports Court, and others. While honoring the original exterior Mediterranean hacienda architecture in all of our work, we were also asked to smoothly make the interior slightly more Modern than a traditional hacienda while still melding well with the overall aesthetic of the original property's feel.