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Renovations and Additions to a Historic 1913 Craftsman Bungalow in Sierra Madre

Mere blocks from downtown of the sleepy foothill city of Sierra Madre, this historical 1913 one story simple and rectangular 1,300 square foot craftsman bungalow was filled with old world charm, but lacked the proper Kitchen, Family Room, Storage, and Master Suite desired by this young and growing family. Our design delicately and seamlessly adds on these needed new spaces, while simultaneously rectifying past problems from the original house design and subsequent modifications made to it over the past century. Additionally, a new Garage and Pool house/Guesthouse structure is being added across the rear of the property to form an enveloping Courtyard for the new Pool, BBQ, and Cabana to transform this simple house into a complete family refuge. In both the new additions and the new building, all materials, shapes, textures and details pay homage to the original 1913 bungalow structure.