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"Old Hollywood" Residence in Bradbury Estates

Inspired by the Grand Villas of The Golden Era of Hollywood built in the 1920’s, 30’s, and 40’s in the hills of Bel Air and Beverly Hills, such as the Jay Paly Residence and the E.L. Cord Residence by architect Paul Williams, this 17,000 square foot estate is classically laid out with a large Main House, a Guest House/Pool house, a Tennis Court and Tennis Pavilion, a Garage structure, a geometric formal rear lawn, and a graceful elliptical entry motor court.

A curving tree lined driveway protects the buildings from the view of outsiders and visitors until they arrive at the formal elliptical motor court.

White brick, pre cast concrete detailing, smooth stucco, and a slate roof are the primary exterior materials. While on the interior raised paneling, coffered and beamed ceilings, groin vaults, colonnades, are the primary interior materials.

Inside, unique features such as a gym, a movie theater, a wine room, a tatami room, a tea room, and a home casino are for the enjoyment of the large family while the grounds have a pool, a spa, a sports lawn, a tennis court, and private gardens.