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Transitional Residence in San Marino

On a large, deep, and flat lot in the City of San Marino, this approximately 7,000 square foot new residence, with a pool, a pool house, and a tennis court was inspired by the Prairie Style houses of Frank Lloyd Wright of the 1910's and 1920's. The land was originally owned by our client's grandfather, who lovingly shaped and cared for his constantly growing Japanese Gardens for decades before giving it to his grandson. The house and outbuildings were designed around these gardens with shallow pitched hipped roofs, deep eaves, smooth stucco, and a general intertwining of nature and building emphasizing horizontality. Gardens, terraces, water elements, and buildings harmoniously interlock with each other on the site. Inside, the Zen like spaces are modern and soft at the same time. Natural stone, stained wood, and muted colors throughout the interior help to minimize differentiation from outside to inside.