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Historical Renovation of a 100 Year Old Stable

Entered from a long and lush private driveway, this completely hidden property was once part of the adjacent Cravens Estate. After designs were made and plans were drawn, as demolition proceeded, it was apparent this structure has had several different layers of uses over the decades, though it seems it started out as a combination caretaker's cottage and stable. In order to react to some of the difficulties and deficiencies encountered in the original over 100 year old construction, we quickly modified our original plans and took advantage of the new opportunities that presented themselves. We raised the low ceilings, cleaned up the existing floor plan, and added on several hundred square feet to bring the house up to modern needs. As owners are lovers of gardening, the grounds were laid out with a formal forecourt at the entry, and then informal gardens, walkways, pool, and garage/workshop scattered around the property. Slate roofing, stucco and brick walls, and white detailed millwork comprise the primary exterior materials, while fumed French oak floors, painted plank and beam ceilings, and a variety of floral themed wallpapers continue the "Gardeners Cottage" ethos from the outside to the inside.